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Meet The Artist

Mr Whisper

Could you tell us a little about your career before photography became a major pursuit for you?

I worked in the advertising industry for almost 15 years, working my way up the ranks from designer to digital creative director, and I absolutely loved it. I got to work with some amazing brands that gave me some very useful insights on how to solve brand problems with visual solutions.

Was there a defining moment when you saw a future for yourself as a photographer?

It was around 2012; I was still working in Ad Land but I was also heavily into Instagram posting everyday. I began to get a few commissions from the likes of Lonely Planet, Jaguar and Adidas simply from my posts on Instagram. This got me thinking that if I continued to evolve my photography skills I may one day be able to do this full time. Fast forward two years and that dream has become a reality, and I haven’t looked back since.

What was your first ever Instagram post?

It was an image of my living room lights, quickly followed by the same image but with a filter on it.

Tell us about one of your favourite commissioned projects.

Being approached by Disney last year to create a London-based series of images to promote the latest Star Wars film ‘Rogue One’ was a dream job. Two highlights from the project were firstly when I received the brief and saw my images laid side by side with stills from the new film to show the similarity in styles. Secondly was when I got to speak with the film’s DOP Greig Fraser to discuss my ideas and he insisted on calling me ‘Mr Whisper’..Lol!

You’re well-known for your photography of everyday London life. What do you think defines London as a city? Why do you like shooting here?

London is defined firstly by the amazing mix of people that live here, and then its iconic elements- landmarks, taxis and architecture and so on. Its famous whimsical weather adds a specific mood to every image. Combine all these factors together and you’re left with a street photographer’s idea of paradise.

What would be your dream brand or project to work with/on?

To work with Leica cameras in some capacity

Instagram Stories – yay or nay?

Definitely YAY! It’s a great outlet for the images that never quite make your feed. It’s also the perfect place for behind-the-scenes footage of upcoming projects and sharing daily life.

Are there other artists who inspire your work?

I’m inspired by the usual suspects of legendary street photographers like Saul Leiter, Henri Cartier-Bresson, and Vivian Maier to mention a few, along with a couple of directors like Wes Anderson, Stephen Chow and Hype Williams. All of the above have played a role in the way I see and capture the world.

Weirdest comment you’ve ever received on a post?

Maybe not the weirdest comment but it’s weirdly satisfying when people recognise themselves or someone in my images!