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Meet the Artist

Joe Greer

When did you decide that your photography would be your full-time pursuit?

Full-time? It wasn’t until this past new year that I decided to step into pursuing photography full-time as my career. However, I feel like I’ve been personally pursuing the craft of photography for the last four years.

What was the first camera you owned?

My iPhone 4. That silly iPhone changed my life and the course of my life forever.

What made you decide to make the cross-country move from Portland to New York last month?

It was a combination of things. First, me and my wife had no family on the west coast. Moving to New York put us a lot closer to family on both sides. Second, There are, and hopefully will be a lot more opportunities for me and my wife as we both are pursuing our freelance careers. A much bigger market and creative market here in New York than in Portland. Lastly, why not? We wanted to take a risk. To pursue our dreams together and in our favorite city in the world. Its been wonderful thus far.

What’s been your favourite commissioned project to-date?

Honestly, I think my favorite was recently when I was able to work with Huawei Mobile in Norway. It kinda came about last minute and was honestly was incredibly adventurous and beautiful. I loved working with Huawei and enjoyed the work I was able to produce. I started my career with mobile photography, so I always enjoy those.

What was your first ever Instagram post?

It was the of a flower with the sunset rays bursting behind them. It was such an awful photo and terrible edit. Haha but we all have to start from somewhere right?

Tell us something unusual about yourself!

Hmmm. Well This time last year I met my biological father on a reality television show for the very first time. So when I posted that experience to social media I had such an incredible swarm of support and love. It was incredible.