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Meet The Artist

Amber Locke

Tell us a little about your commissioned work

I’ve worked with various companies and brands over the past 2-3 years, both with design projects and recipe-based initiatives. Each one is very different and brings its own joys and challenges but I love developing an idea with a client and then see it all come to life. My work has been very varied, ranging from designing a series of watch faces for Google Android wear, to live design demos at press launches and in-store events for brands such as Innocent, Fresh Beauty and Anthropologie. I’ve done brand and product development work with Pepsico, I was Sainsbury’s in-store ‘Vegetable Butcher’ last year,I do recipe demonstrations and talks on healthy living and I’ve also written and photographed two books which were published in March 2016 and January 2017 by Octopus publishing.

Do you eat the fruit and veg after the shoot?!

Unless I’m working at an in-store location and the piece is for a temporary art installation then yes, all the fruit and vegetables always get used and turned into either a juice, a smoothie, soup or a salad..

How do you start with the idea for a piece – do you plan it meticulously? Or just experiment as you go?

If I’m working to a client brief then I work to the guidelines we’ve discussed to achieve the look they want, otherwise I develop the design as I go along.

If you could collaborate with any brand, what would it be?

Hermes would be my dream brand to collaborate with. My scarf-style designs I created a few years ago continue to be my most popular and frequently purchased prints.

Are there any other artists who inspire your work?

I tend to get my inspiration mainly from nature and just do my own thing!

Are there any fruit and veg that you hate?

None that I dislike particularly but working with pomegranate, beetroot or broccoli is always really messy when you cut them and things like leeks and onions can be quite pungent if you’re using them in a warm environment!